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Kazakhstan is at present a police state – one that is very nervous about its future. It is capable of taking vicious reprisals against those oppositionists who represent the main threat to its survival. It will go to any lengths to silence some of the most prominent leaders. Mere contact between them by telephone can lead to arrest, the right to travel can be restricted and frame-up charges are common. Baseless allegations about funding are a favourite weapon used against activists.
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Campaign Kazakhstan gives an undertaking to use every donation – large or small – to assist the work of building the independent trade union and social movements, and providing legal and other assistance to those who are under attack from the regime. We will take all necessary precautions to ensure that donations reach their destination without putting activists in danger.Some examples of the sort of assistance that is required are:

  • Legal assistance for those arrested following the shootings of 16 December in Zhanaozen, some of whom face up to ten years in jail.
  • Medical assistance to those wounded during the shootings. Some have to travel thousands of kilometres to specialist hospitals and operations have to be paid for.
  • Assistance is needed for activists forced to leave their homes in order not to be arrested.
  • Assistance is needed by the trade unions simply to continue operating.
  • Assistance given in travelling – it is a three hour flight from Almaty to Aktau and the cheapest ticket costs 250 euros.

The campaign’s account is held in Brussels and is under the direct control of Paul Murphy MEP and his staff. Paul has already shown great commitment and personal integrity in the work he has done for the Kazakhstan oil-workers and other activists in the country. He has visited them and is constantly raising the need for independent, trade union backed assessments of the grave violations of human and democratic rights in that country.

Details of how assistance is used may be given on request to known supporters.

Donations can be made directly through the Donate button on this site or by bank transfer. The IBAN number is BE91 7340 3309 3476, the BIC number KREDBEBB. The address is: KBC Bank, European Parliament, Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Brussels, Belgium.