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Urgent action for Vadim Kuramshin


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Curfew and state of emergency extended in Zhanaozen

Nazarbayev regime cancels elections in city

Almost ignored by the world’s media, now that the bloody massacre by the police and army of the striking oil-workers and their supporters in West Kazakhstan last month is “old news”, the Nazarbayev regime is stepping up its attacks on democratic rights.

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End the bloody repression of Kazakh workers! Emergency Continues – Help Needed now!

Below we carry a report from The Moscow News about the continuing emergency in Kazakhstan. We appeal to all trade unionists, human rights activists, journalists and socialists to publicise this atrocious attack on trade unionists their families and their supporters.

Please send protest and solidarity messages, including points of the workers programme, to

  • An end to the massacre and withdrawal of all troops and riot police from the Mangystau region
  • An immediate inquiry under the full control of the workers and local residents 
  • The implementation of all the demands of the striking workers
  • Freedom for all political prisoners, including Natalia Sokolova
  • The formation of a mass workers’ party that fights to end the rule of Nazarbayev


16th December – Stand up and struggle for your rights and those of the whole Kazakh people!

We are not dumb slaves – end the lies and humiliation!

The following appeal had been widely distributed by the Organising Committee made up of strikers and residents in the Mangystau region of Kazakhstancalling for a day of protest on the 16th December.



Protesting oil-workers appeal to workers throughout the world

The striking oil workers and other residents of the Mangystau region in West Kazakhstan have sent the following appeal. They have already collected over ten thousand signatures in the region in support of a petition calling for the resignation of the top management of the oil company “OzenMunaiGaz”, the city’s prosecutor and the mayor. They are demanding the immediate start of negotiations. Several thousand workers in the city have also signed a statement declaring that their children will stay away from school in protest at the repression and mass sackings that have taken place. They are now asking their supporters in other parts of the world to join their initiative by signing the attached petition.