Repression and concession in Kazakhstan

Campaign Kazakhstan Reporter May 3rd is designated ‘International Day of Freedom of the Press’. It will come as no surprise that Kazakhstan comes very near the bottom of the world’s press freedom league – 157th out of 180. This year, a group of brave protesters in the country marked the day by gathering outside the

Oilworkers’ representatives imprisoned, fined and sacked

  Genuine trade unions blocked Reporters, Kazakhstan A court in Astana has sentenced Nurbek Kushakbaev, a union health and safety inspector working at an oil construction company, to two and a half years in prison. He was found guilty of inciting an illegal strike. The criminal prosecution of Kushakbaev began during the hunger strike of

Repression in Kazakhstan continues – Clampdown on independent trade unions proceeds and big prison sentences for organisers of peaceful land protests

Correspondents for Campaign Kazakhstan recently reported that up to 20 oil-workers from Mangistau in Western Kazakhstan have been arrested. Some of them, possibly as many as 20, were said to have been taken to Astana for trial and no access to them was being allowed. These workers have been trying to establish independent trade unions

Kazakhstan: New regulations tightening control over people, while replenishing government coffers!

By Andrei Prigor, Astana On 22 December last year, the president of Kazakhstan signed amendments to the Administrative Code which mean everyone has to register with the police wherever they happen to be. This applies whether they are on a private visit, getting treatment somewhere, on a work visit or any other reason. Everyone has to

Remember Zhanaozen! End dictatorship now!

Campaign Kazakhstan is calling for ‘commemorative’ messages like the one below to be sent to the Nazarbayev regime via local embassies and to the presidential HQ: To Nursultan Nazarbayev and the authorities of Kazakhstan We write to you on the fifth anniversary of the horrific events of December 16th 2011 when your state forces

No to land privatisation! Release Max Bokayev and Talgat Ayanov!

Andrei Prigor, Astana, Kazakhstan In the spring of this year, Kazakhstan society was stirred up by the government making amendments to the law on land which would give foreigners the right to buy land. In an unprecedented development, all opposition movements, liberals and socialists and just activists came out against the law. In the city