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16th December – Stand up and struggle for your rights and those of the whole Kazakh people!

We are not dumb slaves – end the lies and humiliation! The following appeal had been widely distributed by the Organising Committee made up of strikers and residents in the Mangystau region of Kazakhstancalling for a day of protest on the 16th December.  

“Negotiations” with oilworkers fail – Government faces dilemma as strikers step up struggle.

The oil-workers in Mangystau, West Kazakhstan, have been battling with their employer for more than six months now. “Negotiations” at the end of November demonstrated once again that neither the government nor the company had any intention of taking any serious steps towards discussing the real issues leading to the strike.  Campaign reporters, Kazakhstan In

Protesting oil-workers appeal to workers throughout the world

The striking oil workers and other residents of the Mangystau region in West Kazakhstan have sent the following appeal. They have already collected over ten thousand signatures in the region in support of a petition calling for the resignation of the top management of the oil company “OzenMunaiGaz”, the city’s prosecutor and the mayor. They