Support the fight against the Nazarbayev dictatorship!

We, the undersigned, support Campaign Kazakhstan and the fight of all workers and poor people against the dictatorship in Kazakhstan.
• Stop all harassment of workers’ leaders and other activists! Hands off the mass media!
• Victory to the sacked and striking oil workers! Drop all charges against them!
• Full democratic rights now: free assembly, freedom of speech, the right to protest, to strike and to join independent trade unions!


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Petr Jindra, Socialistická Alternativa Budoucnost, CZ,
Free Naryn Zharylgasinov, Kanat Zhusilbaev ando Maksat Dosmagambetov now!

Olga Kalimagambetova,
Nazarbaev, Scat! Get out !

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Leisha Shiner,

Evangelia Arachoviti,

Paul Gerrard,

Robin Clapp,

Silvia Vousden,
In all places, even Britain. democratic workers rights are being eroded

peter leeftink,


Maxim Pogorelov,

Greg Cameron,

Christopher McKinnon,

Eric Aragon,
deeply concern by situation lived by Rosa Tulataeva and comrades in jail. i SUPPORT ALL OFF THEM!

Pedro Luis Rubio,

Reg Megeney,
Our Prime Minister brown nosing a DICTATOR is a disgrace. Just as we are remembering all those veterans that died in the fight for our freedom.If you value your freedom thank a veteran NOT a politician.

Nurlan Ibray,
I support Zheskazgan workers! Let's help them!

Martyn Ahmet,
Secretary UNITE Bristol F&L Branch.

Sandra ITC,
From Unite London ITC Branch

Andrew Ford,
Full support from me as a member of Unite NW regional committee

Joanna Szymanska,

Valentina Fornelli,

Anna Sternfeldt,

Arline Gaskell,

Gren Gaskell,

Rumana Hashem,

Mary Anne Trasciatti,

Magnus Pind Bjerre,

vildaa çetin,
Full democratic rights now: free assembly, freedom of speech, the right to protest, to strike and to join independent trade unions!

Victoria Rothe,
In Solidarity from Germany!

Dean Gransar,

Ana estrela,

Nina Haft,

Peace...Freedom Now!!! Ya Basta!!!

Paul Newbery,
Alternatywa Socjalistyczna, Poland

ted woodley,

Dr.Dylan Murphy,

annmarie leonard,
Torture and violent suppression of a people's movement does not mean people are not HEARD.We KNOW what is happening and history will judge the regime which must be internationally opposed until it ends.

Nicholas Doyle,

Fight the corupt and murderous dictatorship in Kazakhstan!
International solidarity!

Dave Gorton,
UK National Shop Stewards Network, Midlands regional monvenor

Denis Lenihan,
trade union and human rights now!

Pedro Viegas,

Astrid Scheirl,

steve merritt,

Antongiulio Mannoni,
Segretary of CGIL (Italian Trade Union Confederation) city of Genoa.

Isobel Urquhart,
Trade unionists across the world are watching the activities of the Nazabayev government and the behaviour of its judiciary.


Labalestra Mélanie,
Solidarity from France

Christian Rehm,
Communist Critique Berlin First Speaker

Augusto Cesar,


Kazakh government is corrupt & criminal Stop murder,torture and vialation of human rights in Kazachstan!!!

Stephen German,
Yours in international Solidarity!
Unite trade union member.

Yvonne Jackson,

Peter Barry,
PROFIT is always first people are only pawns to be used as a means to extract the wealth.

Ryan Michael Stuart,

Mark Hurn,
Librarian, member of Unite the Union.

Marcus Kollbrunner,

Harrelson Rowland,

João Carreiras,

Katharina Doll,

Kornelia Möller,
MdB (Member of Parliament) for the German party DIE LINKE

Mike Murphy,

Brian Mc Carthy,
Solidarity from Ireland comrades!

Stephen Jolly,

Jonas Brännberg,
City councillor and group leader for Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna, Luleå, Sweden. Yours in solidarity!

Steve Glennon,
Stevenage & District Trade Union Council

Jakub Votruba,

rachel mahe,


Stephen Boyd,

Francisco Alves,

Hans-Ulrich Helfer,
Solidarity from Switzerland


Alina O\'hara,

Katie Quarles,
Solidarity from the USA



Torsten Sting,
Internaional Solidarity!

Tiphaine Soyez,
солидарность с рабочими казахском

Matina Lengert,

John Devenish,
Centre for Civil Society Website & Multimedia UKZN Durban

sheri Hamilton,
Hands off worker leaders! In solidarity with the workers and their courageous struggle for freedome. South Africa

Matt Colver,

linda taaffe,
Workers across the world are watching the activities of the Nazabayev government.

Louis Romégoux,
In Solidarity from Austria

Paul Couchman,
UNISON Branch Secretary, Surrey County

Edmund Schluessel,
Cardiff University UCU

Nikolaos Anastasiadis,

Tina Rua,
For the freedom to strike, to join a union, and to win better working and living conditions for one's co-workers, family, friends, and community and for posterity. Solidarity from the U.S.!!!

Joe Simpson,
Comrades struggle on you will and can win solidarity

Ged Travers,

Jmaie Tarrant,

thomas baeyens,

David Elliott,
Solidarity from Australia to some of the bravest people in the world. You can win, and you will win.

Freedom!Hands off the kazakh mas media!
Мы представители оппозиции благодарми вас за оказываемыую еам моральную поддержку, готовы к сотрудничеству!

Ryan Timlin,

Alan Mota,

Kevin Hayes,
Fight all corrupt officials.

Dan Dearden,
Free him now and down with this rotten government!

Jan Hoppe,

Chris Kaihatsu, (affiliation only)

Stefan Berg,

Amer Mohammed Ali,

Moritz Erkl,

László Veres,
Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!
Good luck in your fight against Nazarbayev, comrades!

Sergey Tukubayev,

Patrick Zoomermeijer,
City Councillor for the (Dutch) Socialist Party in Zaanstad, the Netherlands

Andreas Gillesberger,

Karin Hajek,

Lisa Wawra,

Cho Marx,

André Voß,

Roman Dietinger,

laura rafetseder,

Lila Ramharter,

Franz Neuhold,


Werner Trost,



nazarbaev - dermo

Dmitriy Ruotsi,
«For our freedom and yours».

V. Dolinin,
Solidarity with the workers.

Eli West,
This must stop.

Andy Sinclair,
Stop these barbaric attacks on Kazakhstan's independent trade unions, their leaders and activists. What kind of country jails a lawyer for doing her job? Is this Nazarbayev's idea of how to modernize Kazakh society?



Ronnie Job, secretary Swansea Trades Union Council,
Greetings and solidarity from Wales to the brave Kazakh workers.

Robert P. Williams,
Down with brutal dictators. Down with Capitalism. Solidarity with the workers. Fight for a socialist alternative.

Juan Aranda Moratalla,



J. Jörissen,
Stop brutal repression of the strike!
Down with Nazarbayev dictatorship!
International solidarity with workers of Kazakhstan!

Alexander Kondakov,

Kari Leinonen,
Solidarity with the workers of Kazakhstan!

Thomas Kerschbaum,
Konsequente Interessenvertretung KIV - Independent Unionists Austria in the Union of Municipal Employees - Austria

just stop violence.....

Anastasia Argyraki,
Solidarity with the workers of Kazakhstan

Stefan Godau,

Ernst Lammer,
The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Working men of all countries, unite!

Betriebsrat Wohnservice,
We support all demands of Campaign Kazajhstan and the striking workers!
Solidarity with the struggling workers in Kazakhstan!


Mikhail Berezutskiy,


stop pls



Sebastian Förster,

Solidarity with workers of Kazakhstan!!! Union BOROTBA, Ukraine.

stefaan saliën,
Stop brutal repression of the strike
Nationalisation of the oil industry!


Dr. Torsten Bewernitz,
Workers of the World, unite!

Naor Kapulnik,
solidarity with the kazakh workers
socialist struggle movement, tel aviv

simon stockhamer,
Solidarity with our kazakh comrades!

Linda Ray,
I stand in support of the oil workers in Kazakhstan and call on the government to stop the killing and other repression of these brave working people and their supporters.

Solidarity from the branch of the party "The Left" in Bremen, Germany! Stop the repression now!

Brandon Madsen,
The recent brutal repression of the oil workers' struggle fills me with horror and outrage. This regime needs to fall.

Anthony Main,
Socialist Party Councillor
Yarra City Council, Melbourne, Australia

Ломакин Александр,
Нефтянникам-побед,капиталистам-поражений!Долой капитализм!Держитесь ребята, стреляют не только в ВАС, а -в рабочий класс!



алё, ребята? вы чего тут подписываете-вы за валдалов, за бандитов, которые грабили, жгли, крушили сутки город? информации полно или на место приезжайте, а уж потом пишите-мы ребята с вами. Вы бы видели этих ребяток-озверевшая толпа.

Nina Ryabushkina,
I am a environmemtal and social activist from Saint-Petersburg,Russia. I support your petition, because I am against political repressions and terror of the authorities.
For your and our freedom!


Chris Benner,

Mathias Bartelt,
For Democracy worldwide and those struggling for it.

please, stop the killing, let people live a normal life.

Themis Kotsifakis,
General secretary of OLME, greek secondary school teachers' union

Bystrova Svetlana,
I don't actually give a damn? but I wish all politiocs to be chopped by helicopter screw

vadim lungul,
russian poet

Антон Ульяненков,

Vadim Zverev,


Андрей Беляев,

Иван Петров,
Вставай, проклятьем заклеймённый
Весь мир голодных и рабов


Иван Щёголев,
Держитесь, ребята. Мы постараемся вам помочь.


Все честные и порядочные люди с вами!


Держитесь,братцы,мы с вами!

vlad vakhovski,

stop killing


Сергей Акимов,


Stop killing workers!

Alexander Bikbov,
It is a crime to cut people's freedom and lives. A government based on such a rude and unjustified control methods is going to fall quickly. Stop agressions! Free political hostages!

Denis Ivanov,
god save these people



Joerg Kruse,

Karen Seymour,
Solidarity with the workers and poor people of Kazakhstan.

Verna Fawcett,

Isabel Lahrmann,

Dana Luetzkendorf,
nurse and student, member of ver.di berlin, health service union, member of company group ver.di charité berlin

Carsten Becker,
Chairman ver.di Charité universitymedicine berlin and member of the executive board ver.di berlin

Roisin Todd,

Human rights are universal, inalienable and so rightly due to every being rich or poor, black or white, young or old. Let them trive and be upheld in every corner of the world!!!

Bryn Farnsworth,



Ella Downing,

J. Z.,
ver.di-union, Kassel, Germany

Henry Isbaner,
GEW, Aachen, Germany

Helga Schröder,
Fight the dictatorship of capitalism internationally!
End the cooperation of Austrian rulers with kasach dictatorship!

Wally Kennedy,
End the corrupt system. The workers united will never be defeated. Solidarity.

René Kiesel,
ver.di (services and public sector union), Berlin, Germany


Steffen Strandt,
Verdi (services union), Berlin, Germany

Christoph Wälz,
junge GEW Berlin (Berlin youth section of German Education and Science Union)

Christine Lehnert,
City Councillor for SAV, City of Rostock, Germany

junge GEW Berlin,
Berlin youth section of German Education and Science Union

Dietrich Höper,
GEW, German Education and Science Union

Eleni Lambropoulou,
OLME, greek secondary school teachers' union

TU Senan,
In Solidarity with Kazakhstan workers. End the Nazarbayev dictatorship NOW.

Jan Millonig,
Member of SLP (Austrian Section of the CWI)

For workers rights!
Against Repression!
Fight! Strike! Occupy!

Thies Wilkening,
Verdi (services union), Parchim, Germany

Jürgen Hahn-Schröder,
GEW, German Education and Science Union

Ursel Beck,
Sprecherin der LINKE Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt / speaker of LINKE party Bad Cannstatt branch, Germany

Johannes von Simons,
young teachers' and educators' union, Berlin, Germany (junge GEW)

Alexandra Arnsburg,
Member of Verdi comittee Berlin-Brandenburg

Christian Walter,
International Worker's Solidarity!
Christian Walter, Spokesperson linksjugend ['solid] Aachen / Germany

dennis rudd,

We will let the people everywhere know that Kazakhstan is heading towards a dictatorship! Free the political Prisonders!

Sebastian Rave,
Member of the federal executive comittee of DIE LINKE in Bremen, Germany

Linda Fischer,
Spokesperson of Linksjugend Solid Hamburg(The Left Party Youth Hamburg)

Johan Rivas,
Sindicato del Sector Publico de Salud, Caracas Venezuela.


Bas de Ruiter,
For as long as I have been a member of the Committee for a Workers' International I have heard and read reports about the dictatorial crack down on workers' activism in Kazakhstan. Despite all these hardships you, our comrades, have without hesitation continued the struggle for democratic, social and workers rights in Kazakhstan.

My admiration and sympathy goes out to you!

Linda Fischer,
spokesperson of Linksjugend solid (Left Party Youth)

Claus Ludwig,
Councillor in Cologne, Germany. Partei Die LINKE. (The Left)

Simon Aulepp,
Never let the bastards get you down!
Solidarity greetings from Simon Aulepp,
Councillor in the city council of Kassel (Kasseler Linke)and local chairman of teachers union GEW, Germany

Barbara Veger,

Julien Daigneault,

Inge Hoeger MdB Member of Parliament for the German party DIE LINKE,
Solidarity with your courageous struggle!

Patrick Zoomermeijer,
The fight goes on!
Patrick Zoomermeijer,
Leader of the Socialist Party councillors in the city council of Zaanstad, The Netherlands

Paul Hunt,
Solidarity greetings from Paul Hunt, Unison steward and branch International Officer, Coventry District Unison

Andrej Hunko, MdB,

Sponsors include:
Andrey Hunko,
MP for DIE LINKE, Germany
Bob Crow,
RMT union general secretary, UK
Jeremy Corbyn,
MP for Labour Party, Britain
Paul Murphy,
Member of European Parliament, Socialist Party
Themis Kotsifakis,
General secretary of OLME, greek secondary school teachers’ union
Clare Daly,
MP for Socialist Party, Ireland
Inge Hoeger,
MP for DIE LINKE, Germany
Joe Higgins,
MP for Socialist Party, Ireland
Johan Rivas,
Sindicato del Sector Público de Salud, Caracas, Venezuela
TU Senan,
Tamil Solidarity Campaign
Christian Walter,
spokesperson of Linksjugend [‘solid’] Aachen, Germany
Dave Nellist,
Councillor Socialist Party, Coventry, England
Patrick Zoomermeijer,
Leader Socialist Party councillors Zaanstad, Netherlands
Simon Aulepp,
chairman of teachers’ union GEW, Kassel, Germany
Dana Luetzkendorf,
member of ver.di union group at Charité hospital, Berlin, Germany
Stephen Jolly,
Councillor Socialist Party, Yarra, Australia
Jonas Brännberg,
Councillor Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna, Luleå, Sweden
Holger Burner, musician
Eleni Lambropoulou,
OLME, greek secondary school teachers’ union
Alexandra Arnsburg,
Member of Verdi comittee Berlin-Brandenburg
Jan Millonig,
Sozialistische Linkspartei (austrian section of the CWI)
Julien Daigneault,
Alternative Socialiste, Quebec, Canada
Linda Fischer,
spokesperson of Linksjugend [‘solid] Hamburg, Germany
Nikolaos Anastasiadis,
Athens, Greece
Paul Couchman,
Unison Branch Secretary, Surrey County, UK
Paul Hunt,
Unison steward and branch International Officer, Coventry District Unison, UK
Sheri Hamilton,
South Africa
Tina Rua,
Barbara Veger,
Youth against Racism, dutch section
Bas de Ruiter,
Socialistisch Alternatief, The Netherlands