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Remember Zhanaozen! End dictatorship now!

Campaign Kazakhstan is calling for ‘commemorative’ messages like the one below to be sent to the Nazarbayev regime via local embassies and to the presidential HQ:

To Nursultan Nazarbayev and the authorities of Kazakhstan

We write to you on the fifth anniversary of the horrific events of December 16th 2011 when your state forces murdered more than seventy peaceful striking oilworkers and their supporters in Zhanaozen, Western Kazakhstan.
We want to tell you that we will never either forgive or forget. We regard your regime as a rotten dictatorship which seeks to deceive not only its people but governments and international organisations about its nature.
We know that you continue to repress all democratic rights and that you hold captive, in atrocious inhuman conditions, those who challenge you – writers like Aron Atabek, human rights lawyers like Vadim Kuramshin and now Max Bokayev and Talgat Ayanov sentenced to five years for organising peaceful protests against the sale of land.
We know that permission has been refused for the holding of peaceful demonstrations to commemorate the Zhanaozen massacre this year. How can you rest easy with these crimes on your hands?
Release all political prisoners now and drop all charges against them!
Remember Zhanaozen! You will never live down the horror of that massacre!
We support all who fight against your dictatorship.
It is time for you to step down and make way for genuine democratically run elections and the full and immediate application of basic democratic and human rights.