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Kazakhstan’s presidential election -and the need to build a workers’ movement

Having been in power since 1989, Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan proposed in the spring to bring the 2016 presidential election forward. Needless to say, the puppet parliament approved the proposal and announced an election will be held on April 26th. Last week the list of 3 candidates eligible to stand in the election was

Report from Day one of housing protest in Astana

7 April 2015   Today, activists of the ONJ – the organisation known as ‘Leave the People’s Homes Alone’ – from various regions of the country, have been trying to get a meeting with the candidate for the post of president, namely Nazarbayev. All entrances to the President’s office and the House of Ministers were blocked

The Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers protest Bar Council ‘Business Mission’ to Kazakhstan

The Bar Council 289-293 High Holborn London WC1V 7HZ   By post and e-mail:   EXTREMELY URGENT.   Dear Sirs,   Re: Bar Council Business Development Mission to Kazakhstan.   The Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers was founded in 1930. It is an organisation that provides a forum for the discussion and analysis of

Court frees last two Zhanaozen oil workers

Court frees last two Zhanaozen oil workers Independent investigation still needed into 2011 shooting, torture and disappearances On 19 March, a court in Aktau decided to parole the last two remaining imprisoned oil workers from Zhanaozen. Naryn Zharylgasynov and Kanat Zhusipbaev were convicted for involvement in a nearly eight-month strike of workers in 2011. It

Nazarbayev goes for early re-election before hardship provokes mass opposition

Andrei Prigor, Kokshetau, Kazakhstan – Kazakhstan came into the year 2015 carrying a heavy load of social, economic and political problems. A worsening of the situation had been seen in the year before, but the social and economic problems which affect the everyday lives of ordinary people have got more difficult to bear. Kazakhstan’s economy