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Urgent action for Vadim Kuramshin


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Psychological pressure on Vadim Karamshin continues

Ekaterina Kuramshina, his partner, reports On the 28th December, I and Vadim’s mother Olga Stepanovna visited Vadim in prison. At first glance, the visit seemed to be going OK. On arrival, the staff at the prison colony were very pleasant and the Head of the prison was polite and attentive. We have waited for this

Full video of London commemoration

Below is the video from Campaign Kazakhstan of the event that the campaign co-hosted with Article 19 on December 17 2013

Paul Murphy MEP hosts hearing to mark the second anniversary of the Zhanaozen killings

“Indignation, repression and anger prevails” Tanja Niemeier‎ (Euro-parliament left group staff member in personal capacity) Two years have gone by and still there is uncertainty about how many people lost their lives when Kazakhstan state forces brutally cracked down on peaceful protesters on Kazakhstan’s Independence Day in 2011. They were mainly oil workers who had