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Urgent action for Vadim Kuramshin


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Supreme Court in Astana denies justice for Vadim Kuramshin

The case against Vadim Kuramshin’s twelve year prison sentence fell on deaf ears in Kazakhstan’s highest court, Monday 25 November. The three judges remained impervious to the pleas of Vadim’s two lawyers and his mother. His representatives blew holes in the prosecution’s arguments and the court’s decision to overturn a unanimous jury’s verdict that Vadim is innocent. Vadim’s family is bitterly disappointed but determined not

Solidarity requested for housing campaigners

A life and death campaign is being conducted by housing campaigners who have taken to the dangerous road of a hunger strike protest. They are fighting attempts by the authorities in Kazakhstan to evict people who are burdened with housing debts that they cannot afford to repay and who, with their families, have nowhere else

Support hunger strikers, risking their lives for housing justice

Fight forced evictions from only homes! Campaign Kazakhstan has received an appeal from housing campaigners for international support. At present several dozen people are refusing to take food in protest at the Nazarbayev government refusing to stop banks evicting them from their only homes. United Nations Rapporteur, Raquel Rolnik, who was recently in Britain pointing

Vadim Kuramshin appeal date set

It has been confirmed this morning that that the case against Vadim Kuramshin will be reviewed in Kazakhstan’s Supreme Court on 25  November. All those believing he has been cruelly wronged by being sentenced to 12 years imprisonment on trumped up charges will welcome this news. Hopefully, the highest authorities have been affected by the