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Urgent action for Vadim Kuramshin


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London campaign update

Dear supporters of Campaign Kazakhstan, Below is a brief update on issues and events which you/your organisation might take up as part of the ongoing campaign to support workers and social movement activists in Kazakhstan. 1. Berik Zhagiparov is a workers’ leader in Zhezkazgan . I met him there in November last year when I

Vadims appeal denied

The Court in the city of Taraz, southern Kazakhstan, started and completed the appeal against the twelve year sentencing of Vadim Kuramshin. The judge, Lyazzat Ramazanov without any pretense of giving a fair hearing to Vadim confirmed that the twelve year sentence should stay in place. This is a complete travesty of justice. Vadim was originally tried on

OSCE Observer for Vadim Kuramshins trial barred from completing journey

OSCE observer, Isha Khanova, was on her way to Taraz in Kazakhstan to monitor the trial of Vadim Kuramshin. However, according to reports, the Uzbekistan authorities have taken her off her plane. Her colleagues believe this was done at the request of Kazakhstan, in order to prevent international observers from attending the trial of the

German MP, Andrej Hunko, demands a fair trial for Vadim Kuramshin

Andrej Hunko, who is a member of the german parliament for Die Linke and a member of the parlamentarian assembly of the Council of Europe, issued a press release demanding a fair trial for Vadim Kuramshin tomorrow, 14 february 2013. Hunko says: “The process against Vadim Kuramshin is being monitored very closely on an international

Leader of workers’ demonstration in Zhezkazgan arrested

Protest to embassies and KazakhMys bosses Reporters in Kazakhstan Following the weekend’s protest against the anti-trade union actions of the London based KazakhMys company, Zhezkazgan socialist and editor of the “Molodozhnaya gazeta” Berik Zhagiparov  (see photo) has been arrested and sent to prison for seven days. In the run up to the protest, the organisers

New attacks on workers’ rights in central Kazakhstan

‘IndustriAll’ trade union federation warns of solidarity action The city of Zhezkazgan is, even by Kazakhstan standards, isolated – in the centre of the huge country. It is dominated by the copper and zinc mining giant, Kazakhmys, a Kazakh company with its head office in London (100 Victoria Street, Cardinal Place). One of the top

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