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Urgent action for Vadim Kuramshin


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London Campaign Kazakhstan takes the protest to Blair!

  Free all political prisoners! Kazakhstan is a one man dictatorship. Workers across the country are paid starvation wages whilst a tiny minority become fabulously wealthy. When people stand up for their social, human, workers rights, they face vicious repression. Kazakhstan is constantly ranked amongst the lowest in the world for press freedom, human rights,

Socialist activists, Georgie Epshtien and Arman Ozhaubayev, arrested

  Two socialist activists, Georgie Epshtien and Arman Ozhaubayev, were arrested this morning in Alma-Aty by police, as they collected copies of a socialist newspaper from printers. Currently they face ‘administrative arrest’ for two weeks or a fine. Ominously the authorities are threatening to charge them with ‘incitement to social discord’, which could carry much