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Free all political prisoners! – Campaign Kazakhstan events in London

An evening to remember!

Campaign Kazakhstan hosted a very impressive event in London on Tuesday 2 October. Its aim was to raise awareness and financial support for those who resist the attacks of the regime in Kazakhstan. A hundred and twenty people attended and £900 was raised to aid the families of those killed and injured during the state massacre in Zhanaozen on 16 December last year. Films of the performance can be viewed here.

‘Cellorhythmics’ – a non-classical group featuring cellos, percussion, guitar, violin, harmonica and more –  played their music to great acclaim from the audience. They also donated their recent CDs. Short films were shown of the events in Zhanaozen and a recorded greeting from Paul Murphy MEP.

Coverage on K+, TV station in Kazakhstan

Two poems by the imprisoned dissident writer Aron Atabek were performed in Russian and English (English translations online courtesy of International Times here and here). It was a great privilege to have Aron’s son and wife, Askar Aidarkhan and Zhainagul Aidarkhan at the concert reciting the poetry and giving short speeches to explain Aron’s situation.

Poet and fighter

Aron Atabek was imprisoned as a result of his role in the struggle in Shanrak – he was sentenced six years ago to 18 years. Shanrak was an informal housing settlement built by poor migrant workers on the edge of the de facto capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty. The mayor at the time (2006) attempted to forcibly remove these homes with no provision of alternative accommodation – effectively making many families homeless. Aron Atabek, alongside others including founding members of what is now the Socialist Movement Kazakhstan, helped organise the workers’ resistance to this brutal demolition of housing.

Shortly after the victorious struggle, Aron was charged with ‘inciting disorder’. He has remained in prison since that time with 12 years remaining to be served. He has been kept in solitary confinement for the last two and a half years, has been refused visits from Askar and Zhainagul and has had his poetry stolen from him whilst in confinement. Solitary confinement is defined as torture by the United Nations. The Kazakhstan regime has also threatened suffocation and rape to those workers charged with inciting events in Zhanaozen, a fact widely reported in the press.

Picket in London

Aron has refused to accept any talk of a pardon, as this is tantamount to an admission of guilt. He maintains his innocence.  Campaign Kazakhstan is calling for the stepping up of an international campaign for the release of Aron Atabek and the three other campaigners imprisoned alongside him on completely false charges.

Askar and Zhainagul along with Kazakh cellist, Alfia Nakipbekova, and Niall McDevitt the International Times participated in a protest outside the Kazakhstan embassy on Friday 5 October, to make clear that opposition will not go away. We will pursue this issue until Aron and his co-defendants go free as well as the victimised oil workers of Zhanaozen and all political prisoners inKazakhstan.

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