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Urgent action for Vadim Kuramshin


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“A thunderbolt!” – Vadim Kuramshin has been released!

  Statement from Vadim’s supporters in Kazakhstan The well-known human rights activist, Vadim Kuramshin, was released from custody today. The judge announced this surprise result after the months-long ordeal that Vadim has undergone. Instead of the threatened 14 years imprisonment in a specially harsh regime, he was freed with just one year of conditional bail.

Vadim Kuramshin faces 14 years in special detention!

Prosecutor demands vindictive sentence at end of farcical trial Latest from reporters in Kazakhstan UPDATE: The verdict has been postponed for the third time at least, until Monday. Its clear that the protests are having an effect – well over 100 have been received so far. Please circulate the appeal below as far and wide

Paul Murphy MEP sends solidarity message

Paul Murphy has made a new video address for use in Kazakhstan and also in the international solidarity campaign. It covers the current struggles in Kazakhstan for justice against the Nazarbayev regime. It takes up the vicious persecution of the Zhanaozen oil-workers, one of whose representatives, Rosa Tuletaeva has been jailed and her house is

Supporting Vadim Kuramshin in court

This Russian-language video shows very clearly the support Vadim has in court, but also in the wider community, even for those who do not speak the language.

International solidarity for Vadim Kuramshin

American consulate warned: we’ll be back! On Wednesday August 8th the New York branch of Socialist Alternative conducted a picket outside the Kazakhstan Consulate General’s office in Midtown Manhattan, New York. The comrades held up signs and passed out leaflets to protest the Nazarbayev regime’s trumped up charges and trial against human rights lawyer and activist Vadim Kuramshin. Many

Vadim Kuramshin says “The system will always fight people such as me!”

Vadim Kuramshin in Taraz, Kazakhstan After a two month break, the Zhambul regional criminal court has resumed the trial of Vadim Kuramshin. If before, the judge seemed to be in no hurry to get through the case, now everything is being rushed through and the sentencing is likely to take place next week. The recess

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