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Moscow News Editorial: Nazarbayev’s dirty Olympic secret

Below Campaign Kazakhstan reprints the recent Moscow News editorial – the original can be seen here  Nazarbayev’s dirty Olympic secret While Kazakh cyclist Alexander Vinokourov was making headlines in London this weekend by winning an unlikely gold medal, the country’s authoritarian president was also in town, facing an even tougher assignment. Nursultan Nazarbayev, whose family

Zhanaozen workers strike demanding release of comrades from prison

2,000 Burgylai company workers cease work for two hours Report from website About 2,000 workers at the Burgylai company, which services and installs new pumps for the KazMunaiGaz oil company, took part in a 2 hour strike on 25th July. They held a rally at the company to demand the release of their jailed

Campaign Kazakhstan protest outside the Olympics 2012 British Business Embassy

Campaign Kazakhstan protested against the harassment and detention of dissidents in Kazakhstan outside the launch of the Olympics 2012 British Business Embassy, attended by British Premier David Cameron, IMF chief Christine Lagarde, Bank of England Governor Sir Mervyn King and ECB President Mario Draghi for the Global Investment Conference, the first major event hosted by

Vadim Kuramshin on hunger strike now! Step up protests to get him freed!

Aufruf in deutsch Appel en français Video of protest outside the Olympics 2012 British Business Embassy Campaign Kazakhstan, 26 July 2012 To: The Kazakh authorities Judge Samat Tulesbai, presiding over the case of Vadim Kuramshin in the Zhambylskaya oblast The Head of the Special Court for Criminal Cases in the Zhambylskaya oblast The Head of

Interview: “President and dictator Nazarbayev is terrified of explosions from below.”

Interview with Esenbek Ukteshbayev, president of Zhanartu, currently in exile Kazakhstan is the scene of mass struggle and state repression. President and dictator Nursultan Nazarbayev is terrified of explosions from below – from the social protest movements and especially the working class, which is getting organised as a force that could remove him from power.

Urgent appeal for support: Vadim Kuramshin threatens a hunger strike

Extra protest addresses – please use (see below) Vadim Kuramshin, the prison rights campaigner arrested 6 months ago on trumped up charges has declared that if the trial against him is not resumed within ten days he will declare a hunger strike. He has informed Samat Tolesbayu, the judge of the Zhambulskaya oblast interregional court

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