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Trial of Vadim Kuramshin resumes

Urgent solidarity needed!

Following the preliminary hearing, during which the judge turned a blind eye to numerous breaches of legal procedure, the trial of Vadim Kuramshin has been resumed today, 2 May.

If found guilty, Vadim faces between seven and fifteen years in prison on trumped up charges of extortion lodged in revenge for his uncovering of corruption in northern Kazakhstan. Vadim has already spent oven ten years of his life in the country’s brutal prisons, during which he was subjected to torture.

Vadim is one of the country’s most effective human rights campaigners and has been working with the Socialist Movement Kazakhstan since its foundation.

The trial has started in the now usual fashion in Kazakhstan with the judge banning press reporting,claiming that the journalists could take facts out of context and engage in “insinuations”. The judge then went on to ban Vadim’s lawyers from taking audio-recordings of the proceedings.

Please send urgent messages of support to Vadim and his supporters to with copies to