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Urgent action for Vadim Kuramshin


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Kazakhstan: Trial judge dismisses jury for Vadim Kuramshin case

End this farcical trial of the human rights’ lawyer and drop all charges! Campaign Kazakhstan Reporters The trial of Vadim Kuramshin resumed this morning, 28 May 2012 (See previous report on Until now, this was one of a limited number of court cases in Kazakhstan in which a jury was used. However, opening the

Unjust sentences imposed on supporters of striking oil workers

The first sentences have started to be handed down in Aktau against the oil strikers and their supporters who were put on trial following the massacre by state forces on December 16, 2011. Following the shootings, strikers in the city of Shepte took to the streets in a solidarity demonstration and blockaded the main railway

Trial of Vadim Kuramshin resumes, only to be suspended again

Reconvening the trial of well-known human rights campaigner Vadim Kuramshin on 22 May, Judge Tolesbai Samat Nurkevich, who has already demonstrated a somewhat strange interpretation of the law and procedures, continued to demonstrate his contempt for fair justice. (Click here for background information on the arrest and trial) It is clear that the evidence given

Activists released

Leader of the “Leave Peoples’ Homes alone” campaign and member of the Socialist Movement Kazakhstan, Larissa Boyar, social activist, Bakhytzhan Toregozhina, and artist Kanat Ibragimov have been released from prison after a 15 day sentence for organizing and participating in the national day of protest action at the end of April. Larissa, who just before

May Day: Solidarity from Venezuela

May Day campaigning in Venezuela   During the May Day celebrations in Venezuela we (Socialismo Revolucionario) organised two interventions in order to participate in both the government-organised march and the smaller separate march, organised by the national left trade union federation, the UNT. We had stalls and sold papers and other political material. We also

Suspend trial, investigate torture allegations, Human Rights Watch says