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Kazakhstan: Court hears oil workers defendants’ testimony of police torture

Country-wide attacks on the opposition – independent journalist shot in Uralsk The mass trial of oil workers in Zhanaozen, west Kazakhstan, is now going through the stage of examining the defendants. The testimony is tear-jerking. About eight defendants each day are taking the stand and their stories are much the same. They are refusing to

Kazakhstan: Stalinist-style show-trial of oil workers continues

Court hears new allegations of police planning for Zhanaozen massacre Andrei Tsukanov The trial continues of 37 oil workers in connection with the events of 16 December in the city of Zhanaozen, western Kazakhstan, when riot police shot dead scores of oil workers and their supporters during a protest. The oil workers’ defense lawyers have

Court case against Vadim Kuramshin starts on 17th April

Prison rights campaigner faces 7-15 years in jail The case of Vadim Kuramshin has been rushed to court, notwithstanding the protests of his lawyers. The Prosecutor has ignored the complaints made on Vadim’s behalf about numerous breaches of legal procedure. The preliminary hearing will now be held beginning on 17th April in the special regional

Ballad of Zhanaozen: “Shout out the story as loud as you can!”

Austrian singer/songwriter, Laura Rafetseder, made a song about the struggle of the kazakh oil workers. She writes: “The streaming/download of the song is free, but as the oil workers’ struggle and the struggles against the undemocratic regime in kazakhstan continue, I would ask you to donate directly to the campaign kazakhstan (the donations will be

Kazakhstan: Stop the frame-up of the Zhanaozen strikers!

Detained opposition activists face new charges of “terrorism” Occasional good news from Kazakhstan is tempered by a wave of bad reports, as the autocratic regime of Nazarbayev steps up its attacks against the opposition fighting for social, democratic and political rights. The only item of good news this week is that Aidos Sadykov, opposition journalist