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The Moscow News: Oil workers’ lawyer, Natalia Sokolova, freed in Kazakhstan

Below we publish an article of yesterday’s issue of the Moscow News about the release of Natalia Sokolova Oil workers’ lawyer freed in Kazakhstan by Natalia Antonova at 12/03/2012 21:32 Natalya Sokolova, a lawyer for striking oil workers in western Kazakhstan, has been released from prison after serving just six months of a six-year sentence

Andrej Hunko: “Natalia Sokolova is free!”

Press release from German MP, Andrej Hunko (Die Linke): Natalia Sokolova is free! “I am exceptionally happy about the release of the Kazakh lawyer, Natalia Sokolova. Nevertheless, the associated ban on her being involved in political work must also be lifted”, said Member of the Bundestag Andrej Hunko on hearing the news from Kazakhstan. This

Duplicity of President Nazarbayev demonstrated in new Labour Code

In the immediate aftermath of the massacre in Zhanaozen, Nursultan Nazarbayev visited the region, where he blamed the local authorities and company management for mishandling the dispute. He went so far as to say that the demands of the strikers “were justified”. On the 17th February, he signed a series of amendments to the country’s

Statement by the Socialist Movement Kazakhstan on the release of Natalia Sokolova

On the 8th March, the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan took the decision to requalify the charges against Natalia Sokolova, lawyer for the striking oil-workers at “KarazhanbasMunai”. As a result, the 6 year prison sentence she received in August last year has been annulled, instead she is to serve a 3 year conditional sentence, she will be

Victory for Natalia Sokolowa!

The Supreme court of Kazakhstan has decided that Natalia Sokolova’s charges be reduced – she has been released from prison to serve a 3 year conditional sentence with a 2 year police observance, 3 year ban from practicing as a lawyer. This is clearly due to the huge pressure on the regime, with the EuroParliament

Kazakhstan dictatorship still turning the screw – Week of solidarity protests 19 – 24 March

The situation in Kazakhstan is still extremely tense. It is not only events a year ago in North Africa that have worried Nazarbayev and his thieving clique; it is now the earthquake taking place in neighbouring Russia, where mass protests have shown Putin to be highly vulnerable. In Kazakhstan, even ‘mild’ oppositionists linked with the