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Urgent action for Vadim Kuramshin


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Protest at “Kazakhstan film days in Vienna”

As part of the international protests against the Kazakh regime and its crimes against the striking oilworkers, a protest was held in Vienna on 26th March, 2012. Activists of the Socialist Left Party and Campaign Kazakhstan, Austria, demonstrated in front of a cinema where the “Kazakhstan Film Days in Vienna” was starting. The opening movie

Widespread protests to commemorate the 100 day anniversary of the Zhanaozen massacre.

Demands for the arrested to be released and the guilty to be brought to justice. Protests have taken place across the world to commemorate the 100 day anniversary of the Zhanaozen massacre, when police and riot troops opened fire on unarmed demonstrators and their supporters following a seven month oil-workers strike. The Nazarbayev regime has

Solidarity demonstration hits heart of Gothenburg

On Saturday 24 March, a loud demonstration took place in the west coast working class city of Gothenburg in Sweden. The demonstration was organised by Campaign Kazakhstan and Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (CWI Sweden) and took place in the heart of the city. With pictures and placards of the Kazakhstan workers’ struggle and police repression, the demonstrators

Protest Rally in front of kazakh Embassy

For a full investigation of the massacre of striking oil workers in Kazakhstan! CampaignKazakhstan reporters, Berlin Campaign Kazakhstan has asked for international solidarity with the oil workers on strike in Kazakhstan to commemorate the 100 days since the massacre of Shanaozen occured. It was on December 16 when the Kazakh government ordered its troops to

Regime responds to condemnation with concessions and spite

Campaign needs to be stepped up The resolution which “strongly condemns the violent crackdown by the police forces on demonstrators in Zhanaozen” was passed by the European Parliament notwithstanding a concerted campaign by the Kazakhstan government in the lead up to the debate. Significantly, just three or four days earlier, the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan

European Parliament forced to recognise increased repression, but fails to condemn Nazarbayev regime

Press release from Campaign Kazakhstan Once again, Paul Murphy, MEP for the Socialist Party in Ireland, has spoken out against the suppression of workers’ and democratic rights that he has personally witnessed in Kazakhstan. He took into account the ‘briefing’ given by Villy Søvndal on behalf of ‘High Representative’, VP Ashton. It said: “Since its