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Call from Socialist Movement Kazakhstan: “Everyone to the demonstrations of February 25!”

CampaignKazakhstan documents the following declaration of Socialist Movement Kazakhstan

Rallies are being planned for this Saturday, 25 February in different cities across Kazakhstan. In Zhanaozen and Almaty the main slogans are ‘Fight repression!’ and ‘For the democratic transformation of society’. Similar announcements have been made in Aktobe, Atyrau, Aktau, Karaganda and other regional centres. We, the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan (SMK) call all workers and social activists to join the protests and to take an active part in the demonstrations. We must fight for what we need.

SMK, as before, is demanding an independent investigation of the 16 – 18 December bloody massacre of workers in Zhanaozen and at Shetpe station and demanding the release of all the oil-workers and opposition activists arrested.

The most urgent demands of the moment are:

  • The building by workers of mass independent trade unions and a workers’ party, capable of contending for power
  • Preparing a political general strike to demand the resignation of the president and the government
  • A programme of nationalisation under democratic workers’ control and management of industry, mining, energy, transport and other strategic sectors of the economy
  • For a Constituent Assembly of democratically elected representatives of organised workers through their unions and workplace committees, of social movements and local committees, to discuss and implement a radical change of the political system in the country.

Now, more than ever, it is necessary to draw workers and social activists together on a common political platform with their own organisation. In the present situation, we intend to call all those who are ready to fight against oppression and against the slavery of capitalism to unite and join the ranks of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan!