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Urgent action for Vadim Kuramshin


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Free Vadim Kuramshin!

On the 30th January, in Taraz city, on the Kazakh-Kyrghiz border, a judge in a regional court refused to end the arrest of Vadim Kuramshin, following the opening of an investigation on charges of “extortion”. Vadim will now remain in jail while the investigation continues, which could take some months. Vadim was arrested by police

Authorities arrest opposition figures, social activists and journalists

Following elections on 15th January, the Kazakh authorities are now detaining opposition figures, social activists and journalists. People wounded by police when they opened fire on the unarmed strikers and supporters on 16 December 2011 are now being arrested. It is believed that many, including some recovering in hospital, will be charged with taking part

Interview: Journalist present in Zhanaozen on 16 December

Elena Kostyuchenko is a reporter from the Russian “Novaya Gazeta” newspaper who was in Zhanaozen in the days after 16th December. She was interviewed by Sultan-Khan Akkuly for Radio Azattyk, the Kazakh language edition of Radio Liberty. Kostyuchenko’s account is completely different to the regime’s story, which the vast majority of the world’s media have

Curfew and state of emergency extended in Zhanaozen

Nazarbayev regime cancels elections in city Almost ignored by the world’s media, now that the bloody massacre by the police and army of the striking oil-workers and their supporters in West Kazakhstan last month is “old news”, the Nazarbayev regime is stepping up its attacks on democratic rights. Campaign Kazakhstan Reporters

“Kazakh crackdown deepens”

Here we carry an article by Yulia Ponomareva published in The Moscow News on 22 December about the extreme state violence and repression begun on 16 December by the Nazarbayev regime and the aftermath. The thoroughly anti democratic ‘state of emergency’ in Zhanaozen, declared by Nazarbayev in the wake of the events in December, was