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Campaign Kazakhstan has been set up with the aim of
coordinating world-wide condemnation of the regime and the international
corporations who collaborate with it. It also seeks maximum support for those
who are fighting back – most prominent among them, Ainur Kurmanov and Esenbek Ukteshbayev,
prime targets of the state.


The campaign appeals to individual trade unionists and
socialists, as well as trade unions and other organisations, to

a)      Add
their names to the list of sponsors and supporters of the campaign

b)      Send
letters of protest about the denial of democratic rights in Kazakhstan

c)      Respond
to appeals for support against particular attacks on opposition activists

d)     Send
letters of solidarity with workers engaged in strikes and demonstrations

e)      Add
your name to the campaign appeal (here)

f)       Make
a donation through the web-site (here) and ask your colleagues, family and friends to do the same


Contact the campaign through


For protests, the address of your nearest Kazakh embassy
or consulate can be found through the internet.Messages can also be sent to the Kazakh government via
the  Foreign Ministry of the Republic
of Kazakhstan  Email:


Copies please to:

See example of protest letter here.

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