Third anniversary of Zhanaozen massacre

: December 08, 2014
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Call for commemoration protests at Kazakhstan embassies Ainur Kurmanov,  Socialist Movement Kazakhstan 16th December marks the third anniversary of the brutal shooting down by state forces of oil-workers and their families who had been on strike for seven months in West Kazakhstan. What began as a strike turned into a mass movement involving pensioners, unemployed [...]

Rosa’s release means it’s time to step up campaigning for other political prisoners

: December 08, 2014
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  As we reported previously on this site, Roza Tuletaeva, one of the active leaders of the Zhanaozen strike has been released from prison. Originally sentenced to 7 years, her sentence was reduced on appeal to 5 years. In the summer she was refused release on parole so her release has been unexpected. Undoubtedly this [...]

Rosa Tuletaeva is freed from prison!

: November 20, 2014
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Message from Bakhytzhan Toregozhina in Kazakhstan “I have just today been able to get t   hrough on the telephone to Rosa Tuletaeva to convey my heart-felt congratulations on her release from prison! Since yesterday she has been getting phone calls from all over Kazakhstan with congratulations from supporters and friends! Rosa w aited for [...]

Brutal repression in imperialism’s interests

: October 28, 2014
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The chair of Campaign Kazakhstan, Mick Whale, has written an update on the situation in Kazakhstan for the publication, Socialism Today. In it he raises the need for solidarity initiatives with workers who continue to fight the bosses and the regime. He also speaks of the plight of political prisoners – the oil-workers’ leaders, the [...]

Pen International’s Call to Action- Poet Beaten in Prison

: July 16, 2014
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Campaign Kazakhstan has received this appeal from Pen International about the horrific treatment in prison of the poet Aron Atabek. Please take up the suggestions made for protests and publicise as widely as possible.   PEN International is deeply concerned at reports that the imprisoned poet Aron Atabek – who is in ill health – [...]