Brutal repression in imperialism’s interests

: October 28, 2014
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The chair of Campaign Kazakhstan, Mick Whale, has written an update on the situation in Kazakhstan for the publication, Socialism Today. In it he raises the need for solidarity initiatives with workers who continue to fight the bosses and the regime. He also speaks of the plight of political prisoners – the oil-workers’ leaders, the [...]

Pen International’s Call to Action- Poet Beaten in Prison

: July 16, 2014
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Campaign Kazakhstan has received this appeal from Pen International about the horrific treatment in prison of the poet Aron Atabek. Please take up the suggestions made for protests and publicise as widely as possible.   PEN International is deeply concerned at reports that the imprisoned poet Aron Atabek – who is in ill health – [...]

Irish foreign minister challenged over Vadim Kuramshin

: July 02, 2014
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 - Joe Higgins TD says not enough being done for falsely imprisoned human rights lawyer.   Video report of exchanges in parliament 

Campaign Kazakhstan has received the welcome news today that Vadim Kuramshin has suspended his hunger strike

: June 09, 2014
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Campaign Kazakhstan has received the welcome news today that Vadim Kuramshin has suspended his hunger strike. He is to be moved to a new place where he will get the medical attention he needs and hopefully, where he will not be subjected to any further physical or psychological torture. Hundreds of protests were sent to [...]

Urgent appeal for signatures to save the life of Vadim Kuramshin

: June 05, 2014
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Supported by Campaign Kazakhstan Political prisoner Vadim Kuramshin has begun a protest hunger strike to the death! We demand urgent attention be given to him – medical help and an immediate transfer to a safer environment. Please read the petition below and click here to sign as soon as you have read it. We need [...]

Urgent action for Vadim Kuramshin


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To President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbaev

General Prosecutor of Kazakhstan, A. Daulbaev

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, K. Kasimov

Committee for the Criminal Correction System (KUIS) of Kazakhstan, B. Berdalin

International Human Rights organisations,

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Frontline Defenders,

Freedom House, Special United Nations Rapporteur on torture and other, inhumane or humiliating treatment and punishment

Yesterday, 3 June 2014, we received information from the lawyer of political prisoner Vadim Kuramshin, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison, and is currently held in the Prison Section EC 164/4, Gorny Posyelok (Zhaman sopka), Esilsky district, North Kazakhstan region.

The information about the first day of Vadim Kuramshin’s hunger strike was published on the Internet, with his statement of protest against “illegal methods of mistreatment and intimidation” on the part of the administration of EC 164/4, pressurising him into denouncing the recent article written by his wife Ekaterina Kuramshin.

The recent photograph of Vadim Kuramshin, which has also been published, shows his debilitated physical and psychological condition and signs of physical abuse.

Before his arrest, Vadim Kuramshin severely criticised this particular Prison EC 164/4, and this, in our opinion, is the reason for the maltreatment, which puts his life and health in danger from the authorities of this prison.

We demand an urgent intervention and an immediate end to the intimidation and torture of Vadim Kuramshin!

We demand urgent medical attention and help to Vadim Kuramshin!

We demand the transfer of Kuramshin from EC 164/4 to another prison that has no connection to Kuramshin’s work for the rights of prisoners, where he would receive an impartial treatment.

We also demand prosecution of those guilty of abuse in the administration of EC 164/4.


Президенту Республики Казахстан г-ну Н.Назарбаеву

Генеральную прокуратуру РК г-ну А.Даулбаеву
Министерство внутренних дел РК г-ну К.Касымову
КУИС РК г-ну Б.Бердалину
Международные правозащитные организации
Амнистия Интернешнл, Хьюман Райс Вотч, Фронтлайн Дефендерс, Фридом Хаус, Специальному докладчику ООН по вопросу о пытках и других жестоких, бесчеловечных или унижающих достоинство видах обращения и наказания

Вчера, 3 июня 2014 года, поступила информация от адвоката политзаключенного Вадима Курамшина, осужденного на 12 лет, и находящегося в Учреждении ЕС 164/4 посёлок Горный (Жаман сопка), Есильского района, Северо-Казахстанской области. В интернете опубликовано уведомление Вадима Курамшина о начатой им голодовке в знак протеста «от незаконных методов преследования, давления» со стороны администрации ЕС 164/4 с требованием написания опровержения ранее опубликованной статьи, его супруги Екатерины Курамшиной. Опубликована фотография Вадима Курамшина, где видно, что Вадим доведён до крайнего физического истощения, видны следы избиения и плохое психологическое состояние.
Учреждение ЕС 164/4 ранее, до осуждения, неоднократно критиковалось В.Курамшиным, и поэтому мы считаем, что жизнь и здоровье Вадима находится в опасности.
Просим, срочно вмешаться в ситуацию, прекратить физическое и психологическое давление на Вадима Курамшина!
Срочно предоставить В.Курамшину медицинскую помощь!
Перевести Вадима Курамшина из учреждения ЕС 164/4 в другое безопасное учреждение, которое не имеет конфликта с В.Курамшиным из-за критики условий содержания.
Привлечь к ответственности виновных, в лице руководства ЕС